Case Study

At HZW, our expert engineers and designers helps large and small companies around the world to make the world’s high quality custom fasteners and parts.

We work with all kinds of engineers, product managers, and company owners from a wide range of industries like automotive, medical devices, aerospace and defense, consumer & commercial products.

We can help you translate your design and invention blueprints into manufactured products using our superb services.

Here are some examples of projects our professional team has worked on, with details about custom made fasteners and parts.

case study
customized stainless steel bolts case study
Product NameCustomized Stainless Steel Bolts
Material UsedDuplex 2205
Surface FinishPolishing Bright
ApplicationChemical Industry
Delivery CountryUSA
custom made brass threaded rods case study
Product NameCustom Made Brass Threaded Rods
Material UsedH59 Brass
Surface FinishBrass Original
ApplicationHeavy Industry
Delivery CountryFrance
custom made titanium screws case study
Product NameCustom Made Titanium Screws
Material UsedGr5
Surface FinishTi Nature
ApplicationMedical Treatment
Delivery CountryGermany