How To Manufacture 1 Piece Custom Made Stainless Steel Bolt?

August 31, 2021
manufacture 1 piece custom made stainless steel bolt

When it comes to custom made stainless steel bolts production, HZW rich manufacturing experience really shows. Let’s introduce how to make 1 piece custom made stainless steel bolt here.

Customized stainless steel bolts are the parts of custom fasteners.

If you are the beginner of custom fasteners fields, you will be an expert through this blog.

Let’s keep reading.

Before we share the advanced production process of customized stainless steel bolts for you, you could get a quick glance for below infographic.

custom stainless steel bolts production process
custom made stainless steel bolt drawing design and analysis

If your custom made stainless steel bolt is accompanied with the 3D or 2D drawing, the dimensions that you add on the technical drawing are the important part that will be checked by HZW factory engineers.

It is recommended to dimension all important features on your drawings though to avoid misundersatnding and errors.

Before confirmed the order with clients, our professioanl team will check all drawings and requests with customers carefully again and again. It can ensure zero production mistakes.

More information on adding dimensions to your drawing can be found in this detailed article by Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In HZW, our priority is to provide a complete custom fasteners and parts engineering solution including total 2D and 3D design. Our engineering and design tools include a complete design solution including AutoCAD, UG, Pro-E and Solidworks.

2.Custom Made Stainless Steel Bolt Raw Materials Preparation

custom made stainless steel bolt raw materials preparation

HZW warehouse has powerful stainless steels materials on stock.

All the material we purchasing passed the SGS or TUV testing, they are prime quality.

The chemical contents and mechanical properties of the stainless steel material is according to international standard.

As you know, the common raw stainless steel materials as below: 201, 301, 303, 304, 316L, 416, 17-7 PH, 2205, 2507, super duplex 904L and 254SMO grades are available.

The customized stainless steel bolts will be produced by customers detailed drawings. And we will prepare the stainless steel bars or rods materials as drawing specifications.

3.CNC Machining And Precision Production

custom made stainless steel bolt cnc machining

With over 16 years rich experiences and expertise in CNC machining services, HZW provides a variety of precision CNC machining services including milling, turning, EDM, wire EDM and surface grinding.

With precision 3-, 4- and 5-axis CNC machining centers, combined with other advanced capabilities and our experienced team, we can handle all types of customized stainless steel bolts in metal and alloy materials.

Our experienced engineers team are able to select the right tools, optimize tool paths to cut fast and achieve good milling surface, as well as keeping tight tolerance.

We can provide all stainless steel materials of custom bolts to meet your project needs.

4.Custom Made Stainless Steel Bolt Quality Checking

custom made stainless steel bolt quality checking

HZW expert team pay more attention to custom made stainless steel bolt quality support, supply scope, inspection, testing standard, shipment packing, after-sales service.

Here below is our custom stainless steel bolt quality checking items:

  • Tolerance, main dimension, surface, mechanical property inspection
  • Torque coefficient, guaranteed load, hardness, wedge load, anti-slip coefficient, tensile load, tensile strength, etc
  • Metallographic inspection and analysis (microstructure analysis, microhardness test)
  • Material chemical composition analysis, non-destructive testing, stress testing
  • Standard detection

5.Custom Made Stainless Steel Bolt Heat Treatment

custom made stainless steel bolt heat treatment

Some heat treatments such as annealing soften the stainless steel bolts, while others harden and strengthen them.

Annealing heat treatments are used to relieve residual stress, remove cold work and dissolve alloying elements or segregation and provide a more homogeneous material.

During quenching and temper hardening, stainless steel bolts are first heated to a temperature where their structure transforms into austenite and then quenched or rapidly cooled in water, oil or air to a temperature at which the crystal structure transforms into martensite.

We have some skilled experts who only handle heat treatments so the quality of work done on your bolts products is of exceptional quality.

6.Custom Made Stainless Steel Bolt Cleaning

custom made stainless steel bolt cleaning

There are two main cleaning processes in the bolt industry: one is cleaning before heat treatment, mainly cleaning the residual cooling oil, cooling liquid and anti-rust liquid and other attachments in the previous process.

The second is cleaning after heat treatment, mainly cleaning the residual quenching oil after quenching.

According to the cleaning method and principle, it can be divided into: physical cleaning, chemical cleaning, etc.

1. Physical Cleaning: Physical cleaning refers to the use of various mechanical external forces and energy to smash, decompose and peel off the surface of the object, so as to achieve the cleaning effect. Commonly used methods are spraying, high-pressure water jet, agitation, ultrasonic cleaning, etc.

2. Chemical Cleaning: Chemical cleaning refers to the use of one or several chemical agents or other aqueous solutions to chemically transform, dissolve, and peel off the pollutants on the surface of the object with the help of cleaning agents to achieve the cleaning effect. Common cleaning methods include alkaline water cleaning, solvent cleaning, etc.

7.Custom Made Stainless Steel Bolt Surface Treatment

custom made stainless steel bolt surface treatment

The metal surface finishing services commonly applied on various custom made bolts and nuts made of stainless steel materials, which can improve the appearance, adherence, solderability, resistance to corrosion, hardness, conductivity and many other characteristics of industrial components.

Surface finishing services including anodizing, passivation, brushing, polishing, blackened, plating, painting, powder coating, heat treatment, surface phosphating, hot dip galvanizing, surface treatment dacromet, etc.

Customers can choose the corresponding surface finish according to their own usage.

HZW offers a high quality surface finishing service for custom made bolts and nuts regardless of the machining method used in producing them.

8.Custom Made Stainless Steel Bolt Sample Inspection Before Mass Production

Custom made stainless steel bolt reliability and performance can only be ensured by sample inspection. So we make sure 100% sample testing before customer place the mass production order.

Since heat treatment can impact on its final properties, it is especially important to conduct testing on the stainless steel raw materials, after heat treatment and on the finished bolts products.

The diversity of stainless steel bolt types, sizes and end-use applications presents a challenge in testing that often requires choosing appropriate test methods, from simple dimensional checks to rigorous mechanical testing methods.

Common types of tests are followed: tolerance, outside dimensions, surface, fatigue, tensile strength, wedge tensile (10 degrees), double shear, hardness, stress rupture, stress durability, pull-out/push-out, vibration, engagement, wear, microstructure, chemical analysis and corrosion.

9.Custom Made Stainless Steel Bolt Mass Production

custom made stainless steel bolt mass production

Using advanced CNC centers for custom made stainless steel bolts mass production can streamline the workflow of the accuracy, speed and reliability.

After a CNC machine is programmed and well-maintained, the cutting process will be exactly as specified for a fast and consistent run of quality work.

After a good result, the machine will make that part the same way every time. It can help shorten the delivery time and speed up customer project.

10.Custom Made Stainless Steel Bolt Assembling And Packaging Before Shipment

custom made stainless steel bolt assembling and packaging

Exquisite, stable and custom packaging also becomes our ability and helps to distinguish the customized stainless steel bolts products from different competitors.

In order to make sure the customized stainless steel bolts that we delivered to customers are good, before packaging we will make the 100% quality inspection and selection.

Sometimes, we help customers purchase other components and assembly all of them with our customized fasteners together.

Then we help pack all goods well. Our company has professional team and adopts developed packaging technology and packaging style to ensure the each bolts’ packaging quality.

In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the custom bolts measurements and quality information.

11.Custom Made Stainless Steel Bolt Delivery & Shipment

custom made stainless steel bolt delivery and shipment

At HZW, we understand that time is money. This is why we offer one-stop logestics dervices for your customized bolts delivery and shipment.

Our professional Logistics department will work with you to determine the best solution to your problems to ensure your cargo is more safe during shipment.

12.HZW After Sales Services For Your Custom Made Stainless Steel Bolt

Here at HZW, we pay more attention to our customized fasteners quality support, supply scope, inspection, testing standard, shipment packing, after sales services.

After sales service can help our customer feel factory direct sales of goods are definitely value for money.

Once you receive the custom made stainless steel bolts products, please open the outside and inner packaging and check all cargo within 7 days.

If there are quality problems, we will arrange to remake products or return the money for you. HZW team will do the best to meet all your satisfaction. Get your instant quote from us today!


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