Servicii de finisare

For Custom Fasteners And Parts Products

surface finishing services

Surface Finishing Services

The metal surface finishing services commonly applied on variouselemente de fixare personalizate and parts made of aluminum, oțel inoxidabil, titan, brass and nickel alloy materials, which can improve the appearance, adherence, solderability, resistance to corrosion, hardness, conductivity and many other characteristics of industrial components.

HZW offers a high quality surface finishing service for custom fasteners andcomponente regardless of the machining method used in producing them.

Avem niște experți calificați care se ocupă doar de sarcinile de finisare, astfel încât calitatea muncii efectuate la produsele dumneavoastră este de o calitate excepțională.

If you desire your customized surface finish for your custom fasteners and components get in touch with our all-round services teamfor a quick and free quotation.