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We are working with many famous and advanced companies worldwide. Our supply chain management department and systems can take care of your every customized fasteners project.

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CNC Machining Service

Get instant quotes on custom made fasteners and precision machined parts. Make quick turn production parts in as fast as three days with standard shipping cost on global orders.

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Custom Fasteners Fabrication

Let us show you how we make manufacturing your custom fasteners and parts fast, excellent, and cost-effective. Our team of expert is here for you.

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Finishing Services

HZW provides a wide range of surface finishing services to supplement our production services. Contact our engineers team for a quick quote if you need a perfect finish for your customized fasteners.

What Materials Work Best for Aerospace and Defense Industry?


Titanium: Available through custom machining services, this lightweight and strong material offers excellent corrosion and temperature resistance.

Nickel Alloys: These fastener is nickel chromium super alloy ideal for rocket engine components and other applications that require high-temperature resistance.

Stainless Steel: Grade 17-4PH stainless steel is widely used in the aerospace industry due to its high strength, good corrosion resistance, and good mechanical properties at temperatures up to 600°F. Like titanium alloy, it can be machined well.

If you are looking for custom made fasteners and parts for aerospace and defense projects, HZW is your best choice.

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