Custom Made Brass Nuts

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Custom Made Brass Nuts Manufacturer

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of custom made brass nuts in China, HZW has been committed to providing our customers with the design and development of custom made brass nuts for over 16 years. From brass materials analysis to custom made brass nuts production, here we can help you all fastening solutions.

Whatever size at whatever tight tolerance of custom made brass nuts you demand, HZW here is sure to have it!

custom made brass nuts
custom made cnc machining c37700 brass nuts
Custom Made CNC Machining C37700 Brass Nuts
custom brass hot melt knurled threaded inserts nuts
Custom Brass Hot Melt Knurled Threaded Inserts Nuts
Custom Made Brass Nuts
Custom Made Brass Nuts

Custom Made Brass Nuts Materials & Grades

High quality custom made brass nuts are made from below prime brass materials, such as:

HPb63, HPb62, HPb61, HPb59, H59, H68, H80, H90, etc.

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Your Reliable Custom Made Brass Nuts Manufacturer In China

Custom Made Brass Nuts: The Ultimate Guide

When you choose to buy custom made brass nuts, there have some important points we need to know before we get started.

So enjoy the read…

What are custom made brass bolts?

Custom made brass nuts also called non-standard brass nuts.

As the name implies, do not have standards, they are non-standard parts and require buyers to provide detailed drawings.

The principle of custom made brass nuts is to use the physical and mathematical principles of the inclined plane circular rotation and frictional force of objects to gradually tighten the tools of the utensils.

What are the applications that custom made brass nuts can be used?

Custom made brass nuts are widely used in electronic products, mechanical products, digital products, electrical equipment, electromechanical products, ships, vehicles, water conservancy projects and even chemical experiments.

And so much more!

Features of custom made brass nuts

If the brass material is a variety of alloys composed of two or more elements, it is called special brass.

Such as copper alloys composed of lead, tin, manganese, nickel, iron, and silicon.

Custom made brass bolt has strong wear resistance.

Special custom made brass bolt has high strength, high hardness and strong chemical corrosion resistance.

There are also outstanding mechanical properties of cutting.

Custom nuts made of brass, which is soft and wear-resistant.

What are custom made brass nuts surface treatment?

Surface treatment is one of the major part in whole production.

Different surface finish will be used for different custom made brass nuts.

With methods including anodizing, passivation, brushing, polishing, blackened, plating, painting, powder coating, heat treatment, surface phosphating, hot dip galvanizing, surface treatment dacromet, etc.


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